Just wanted to share a few thoughts about the workshop I touched on in the last post:

Last week I took part in the Print Media's workshop by master printer Paul Mullowney, assisted by Print Media alum Harry Schneider. Prior to this, I was getting excited about starting school, and attending this workshop ignited my fire even more. I was able to meet a couple people from the class ahead of us, half of our cohort, and of course, Paul and Harry.

Oh, how I missed being in a print studio with others who are just as excited about printmaking as I am! 

I didn't take out my phone to take any photos (just lots of notes!), so here are a few from PNCA's MFA in Print Media instagram @printmatrix :


The number of processes we touched on combined with the use of Eastern papers was inspiring and eye-opening. I now have a much greater appreciation for using and printing thin papers. Paul was genuinely excited to work with us and share his wealth of knowledge, and Harry was also superb to work with - especially since he graduated from the program not too long ago. 

I want to give huge thanks to Paul and Harry for putting on the workshop and imparting their knowledge on us. It was a fantastic beginning to my time at PNCA!