“The greatest masterpieces were once only pigments on a palette.” – Henry Hoskins

I'm not really into quotes, but this one seems appropriate enough. My MFA journey begins with being laid off from a job that I loved because the company couldn't pay me anymore. I was feeling heartbroken and gutted, and upon finding nothing inspiring in my job search, I nonchalantly started an application for the Print Media program at PNCA. This wasn't totally spur of the moment though. Since learning about the program a couple years before, I kept the dream of attending in the far back of my mind. Financially it didn't make sense. I mean, going to graduate school for art didn't make sense, right? 

And then I found myself without a job and nothing inspiring on the horizon. 

I want to give a huge thank you to Matthew Letzelter, head of the Print Media program, for reaching out to me about my unfinished application. The next day I met with him and fell in love with the studios, the program, and the idea of going back to school. I have now just finished a three day workshop with Paul Mullowney (more on that to come) and, although mentally exhausted, I am inspired and beyond excited to begin my time at PNCA. I know it will fly by, and I cannot wait to see what doors it will open. 

Here's to the future!

Lauren Goding