Artist & traveler

     Collecting materials comes naturally to Lauren Goding. She collects natural and reclaimed materials that are hand-picked for their tactile and aesthetic qualities. She then transforms these objects into prints, sculptures, and installations that invite the viewers to explore, experience, and wonder.

     The artist uses a color scheme inspired by the natural world and metallic elements that brings cohesion to the many textures and forms her work takes. Her materials are inspired both by the outside world and materials which are naturally associated with the craft world: wood, metal, fabric, clay, and glass. With these materials, she creates work that is experiential for viewers, who move through, around, and into her work. The works impact the viewers with a sense of child-like curiosity and a want wandering spirit, to take time to find and see the little things.

     Curating objects and work within exhibition spaces is what has led her to create more sculptural and installation-based work. Allowing the viewers to take time to be immersed by and linger within her work is a way for her to allow the curiosity, attention, and wonder found within her work to radiate into the viewer's world.

Lauren works out of her home studio in Oregon City, Oregon
and school studio in Portland, Oregon. 

MFA Print Media 2019 - Pacific Northwest College of Art
BFA Graphic Design 2010 - Appalachian State University
BFA Studio Art 2010 - Appalachian State University